"We utilize capacity, increase profitability and make 3D/AM more accessible for local on-demand manufactoring.​"
We are an open AM community that enables you to:
  • Prepare your resources for immediate production
  • Utilize surplus capacity across different sectors
  • Find local resources within your premises
  • Exchange and gain insights from the extensive knowledge of our community
  • Establish trust with new cross-sector partners
Find your partner with AI guided search function
The foundation for increased cooperation between different industries and increased local value creation, while existing production capacity locally can be utilized more efficiently.
Easily search for available engineering and production capacity based on your need and where in the value chain you stand.
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Keep Focus in Available Capacity
  • Manage your whole 3D/AM value chain
  • Find the 3D/AM sustainable material and manufacturing partners
Secure platform for digital supply chain management
A solution that will undoubtedly save manufacturers a lot of dialogue and management with potential requests that may not be applicable.
  • Know and keep lead times
  • Map and know available partners capacity
  • Develop your solution with secure partners
The platform for resources and innovations sharing
The platform helps other industries seeking knowledge about new technology or how to use additive manufacturing in their own production.
  • The full digital business experience through the 3D/AM value chain
  • New manufacturing methods and materials adoption based on local requirements
  • Source of the 3D/AM information
  • Find the industrial availability of 3D/AM knowledge and manufacturing technology
  • Share your best practices and new solutions, and create new more sustainable innovation


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Thomas Bentzen
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